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New Bible Reading Challenge – Exodus!

Our Bible Reading Challenge for the month of March (and half of April) will be the Old Testament book of Exodus. In Exodus Moses leads God’s people out of Egypt into the wilderness where eventually they build a tabernacle as God’s dwelling place. During this book they pass through many experiences – all which are significant to us as New Testament believers (1 Cor. 10:1-6).

We invite you to join us in our reading challenge. We will read a chapter a day for the first 30 days of March (the chapter to read will correspond to the day of the month) and then the last 10 chapters of Exodus on April 1-10. We look to the Lord to bless our reading of His word!

To help with the reading challenge we are putting together some texting groups to text what you liked from that day’s reading. This is an excellent way to encourage one another and also provides a reminder to read! But if you get behind – no problem! Just carry on with the scheduled reading and catch up when/if you get the time!

Exodus bookmark

Bible Study for Spring 2015/New Bible reading challenge

Bible Study details

Our Bible study this semester will be every Monday between 2pm and 3pm in room K-216. This room is a change from the last few semesters. Room K-216 is off a hallway next to Subway in the cafeteria. It’s really easy to find plus we’ll have a sign. We’ll be reading a chapter of Luke each week starting with chapter 14 on 1/26.

New Bible Reading Challenge

On 1/26/2015 we will begin our first Bible reading challenge of the semester. We’ll read four of Paul’s epistles – Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians over 21 days. We want to do this in groups so we can encourage each other. See the bookmark below for more details.

Heart of Bible Bookmark

Activities for the first week of Spring 2015!

Northlake logo-01(1)Hello everyone!

We have a few activities planned for the first week of the Spring semester.

On Tuesday (20 January) and Wednesday (21 January) we will have a welcome table between 9am and 3pm. It will be beneath the Student Life calendar (near the bookstore) and we’ll be signing up new members to our club. Membership is open to anyone interested in Christian fellowship!

We’d hope that anyone who’s free would come by and spend a little time behind the table to meet new members!

On Thursday (22 January) we’re planning to have a hot chocolate social. More details to follow!

We also are going to have a new Bible reading challenge! We want to read the 20 chapters in Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians in 21 days beginning Monday January 26. Come by the welcome table to pick up a bookmark with the details.

On Monday January 26 we’ll also have our first weekly Bible study (see below). It will be between 2pm and 3pm (room TBD). It will be at this time each Monday. We’ll continue on from last semester reading the gospel of Luke. We’ll be beginning with Luke chapter 14.

May the Lord bless each one of us with Himself this semester.

Bible study

Final Bible Reading Challenges of 2014!

We will have two final Bible reading challenges this semester. The previous ones (John, Acts, and Daniel) were very enjoyable and profitable! So we will finish the year with two more.

The details are as follows:

Challenge One – Esther:
The Old Testament book of Esther – one chapter a day, for ten days, starting December 1. This challenge will end about the time final exams finish (December 10).

Challenge Two – Revelation:
The New Testament book of Revelation – five chapters a week, for four and a half weeks, starting December 15. This challenge will end on January 13, a week before classes begin in the Spring (January 20).

Get some friends together and spend the Winter break getting into the Word!

Esther Revelation

Weekend Conference! October 17-19, 2014

Topic: A Vision of Christ & the Church

We set aside one weekend absolutely for Christ. Students from universities all over the United States travel to Latham Springs to get away from the world, dive into the Bible, praise the name of Jesus, and be built together in the Lord.

The cost is $85. To register please talk to Tim, Ivette, or Emily.

For more information visit:

New Bible reading challenge! #28in28

After the completion of the 21 Day Challenge (reading a chapter of the Gospel of John a day during the first 21 days of September) we have decided to begin another reading challenge!

This one will be called the 28 Day Challenge! We will read a chapter a day of the book of Acts beginning on the 1st of October. Acts has 28 chapters so we will finish on the 28th of October. We hope that many of you guys will take up this challenge and grasp the opportunity to immerse yourselves in God’s word. Furthermore, make sure you get in a Bible reading group so you can text your daily enjoyment from your reading to one another!


1. Read a chapter of the book of Acts (right after the Gospel of John) each day of October (up to October 28). We start on the 1st so the chapter for the day will correspond with the day of the month. It doesn’t matter what translation you read or what language you read in!

2. Don’t read ahead too much, or cram to catch up too much. The purpose of the challenge is to help us build up the habit of regular daily Bible reading, not to rush through Acts in a day or two.

3. We’ll all be put in a group. Try to text or otherwise send what you liked from your daily reading to your group every day or so. This will be a real encouragement to each other.

4. Read slowly, carefully, and prayerfully, and expect the Lord to speak to you through His word.

5. Try to tell someone something you read each day. Use your daily reading to share something with someone!


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