Welcome Orientees! (plus Gospel of John Reading Challenge!)

Welcome to North Lake College!

We are Christians on Campus, a group of Christians who love God and His word and getting together for fellowship. We invite you to get involved with our club!

We do a lot of things together: weekly Bible study on campus, Healthy Words Ministry Series (plus dinner!) on Thursday nights, a scavenger hunt and hot chocolate (or boba) social at the beginning of each semester, Campus connect with other Christian clubs, daily Bible reading challenge (the whole New Testament in a year), small group Bible studies, Gospel outreach, Weekend College conference… so a lot!!!

We welcome to join us as much as you can!

We really love to read the Bible. It is the source of our fellowship and spiritual supply and God’s speaking to us. Every year we try to read the whole New Testament as a club: Matthew to Acts in the Fall, and Romans to Revelation in the Spring.

To get into this habit we’re starting Gospel of John reading challenges for the North Lake Orientees. We’re giving away pocket sized Gospel of Johns and have a challenge to read the 21 chapters in 21 days.

The rules of the Challenge are as follows:

1. Read a chapter of the Gospel of John each day. Begin the day after your orientation.

2. Don’t read ahead too much, or cram to catch up too much.

3. Connect with a partner. What you see from your reading will be a real encouragement to them!

4. Read slowly, carefully, and prayerfully, and expect the Lord to speak to you through His word.

IMG_20150815_233705746Thanks for visiting our website!

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Weekly Bible Study – Time and Place

This semester our weekly Bible study is in room A-215 (opposite the Blazer store) every Monday between 2pm and 3pm. Each week we read a chapter from the Gospel of Luke.

Please join us!

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Hot Chocolate Social!

Our Hot Chocolate Social will be in room H-226 on Thursday January 19 from 9am to 2pm. Drop in anytime!

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First Week of the Spring 2017 Semester!

Christians on Campus has a number of events planned for this week and we hope you will be able to join us!

Tuesday (1/17) & Wednesday (1/18)

We will have a welcome table under the Student Life calendar both days from 9am to 3pm. Come by and join us to help sign-up new members!

Thursday (1/19)

We will have a Hot Chocolate Social in room H-226 between 9am and 2pm. We’ll serve hot drinks and snacks!

Monday (1/23)

We will begin our weekly Bible study in room A-215 from 2pm to 3pm. It will be at this time and place each week. We’ll read a chapter of the Gospel of Luke each week beginning with Luke 15 (continuing on from the Fall).

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Experiences in Christ

Experiences in Christ are wonderful things and the only thing we should care for. He gives peace in our heart and shows His wonderful work in so many things. It may be to test our faith in him, never because he doesn’t love us. And keep in mind that if you stay strong and believe in Jesus Christ even if you fall so deep down, even if you feel alone, let me tell you that you are not alone; He is always there. The thing is that we focus on things that are of this world that do not allow us see the real honest friend who is Jesus Christ! And also if we show to God how much we trust in Him, He will show His love through the worst disaster day in our lives. He shows it by protecting us always.
M. E.
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Seeing more of the Body of Christ

The conference and all the Bible Studies throughout the week are very encouraging and uplifting. It encourages me to keep feeding my spirit. The word of God is so strong, I couldn’t get enough. The conference was touching; I got to meet new people and fellowship with other believers. The body of Christ is big.
V. S.
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Stronger Bond with God

When I first started with Christians on Campus I was so nervous and shy but they make you feel right at home so I got out of that shell quick. The part I enjoyed most was the excitement that they brought getting close to God, thanks to meeting and joining Christians on Campus I got baptized and I feel like my bond with God has gotten stronger! I could never thank the Lord enough for meeting these people.
C. S.
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Weekly Bible Study Details

Bible Study – Mondays
2pm to 3pm – Room A215


Our weekly Bible study this semester will be in A215 (opposite the Blazer Store) every Monday from 2pm to 3pm.

We will be going through the Gospel of Luke.

Everyone is welcome!

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Scavenger Hunt!

Thursday, September 8, room H226, 6:30pm start!

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Rooms for Fall 2016 Events

First week of School:

Monday 8/29 – Welcome Table in Gallery, 9am to 3pm (NO BIBLE STUDY)

Tuesday 8/30 – Welcome Table in Gallery, 9am to 3pm

Wednesday 8/31 – Hot Chocolate in H226, 9am to 11am

Thursday 9/1 – Welcome Table under Student Life Calendar, 11am to 1pm

Second week of School:

Monday 9/5 – Labor Day (NO BIBLE STUDY)

Tuesday 9/6 – Welcome Table under Student Life Calendar, 11am to 1pm

Wednesday 9/7 – Welcome Table under Student Life Calendar, 11am to 1pm

Thursday 9/8 – Pizza and Scavenger Hunt in H226, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Third week of School:

Monday 9/12 – Bible study, A215, 2pm to 3pm, Luke chapter 1

Thursday 9/15 – Progressive dinner one!

Later in the Semester:

Saturday 10/1 – Fall 2016 Campus Connect, Denton

Friday 10/23 to Sunday 10/25 – College Conference, Latham Springs

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